Idea behind the door

Passion for food 

We want to offer you quality food and drinks in an atmosphere we enjoy being in. We bring our history, experience and vibes of our food culture to Spain, and combine it with the beautiful ingredients that Spain has to offer with a techniques of nordic cooking and interesting flavours.   

La puerta verde symbolises a new step in life, and reminds us that behind every door there is a new story. This idea started manifesting when travelling in mediterranean, we bought a small green door painting which was made from old door.  The idea of the door always reminds us that; if you have possibility to work and live your life in place where you enjoy to be, you should do it. 

We are a couple with wide range of expertise when it comes to cooking.

Teemu has over 24 years of experience in some of the finest restaurants in Finland. He has written recipes for books, participated in cooking competitions on finnish champion category with success, and has been part of opening various restaurants with revered chefs.

Aino is very experienced in baking and comfort cooking with over 9 years of experience. She is also a caretaker that alway tries to make people feel welcome. We have both solid knowledge, when it comes to running kitchens, and very high demand when it comes to quality.